Thursday, June 21, 2007


If you read my blog, live in the Dallas area, and was not at Wednesdays in the Park last night, you need to make it next Wed. Richardson East church of Christ is putting this on 3 weeks in a row at Crowley Park, and another 3 weeks in a row at Huffines Park. Last night was the first night. It was 10 times better than I had expected. The kids had a blast. And I (with Lucas strapped to me in the snuggli) had so much fun walking around visiting with everyone. There were 2 huge bounce houses, lots of smaller games set up, hot dogs, snow cones, face painting, etc. The entire scene was so bright and festive. The weather was perfect, and I saw not one mosquito.
It's like VBS for the entire family. See you next Wed. at Crowley Park 7 PM.


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Seems like WIP was on several of our thoughts and praises. I wrote about it on my blog as well. I think it definitely was one of the most blessed events we have had in numerous years.