Friday, August 24, 2007


As usual, I never fully appreciate someone until I am in their shoes. Lucas has had a cold. I didn't feel too sorry for him until today...when I woke up with the same cold. Now I realize just how sore his little throat has been, and how achy his tiny muscles. On Sunday, I start teaching the 2 year old Bible class at church for the next year. I don't think I have ever truly lavished the praise and appreciation on Nate and Ava's teachers that they properly deserve. Now that I am committing a year of my life to teaching children at church, I realize just how dedicated they are. I have mentioned before that I never once thanked the previous editor of the women's newsletter at church. Now that I am editor, I realize how beneficial words of encouragement would have been for her. This is the human condition, I believe. We are born self-interested and have a tendency to remain that way. We consider our needs and desires first. Only when we enter into a similar situation as another person, do we consider and understand what it must be like for them. My goal: to be more considerate and actively encouraging before I have the chance (or misfortune) to walk in another person's shoes.


Lynn said...

You will have so much fun with the 2 year olds. It is my most favorite class to teach! I am volunteering in that same class on Wednesday nights. I have found it interesting that parents do not express more appreciation than they do to their child's Bible class teachers. But since most teachers feel called, they don't even notice because they know they know God is pleased about thier Kingdom work and that is enough.

Carolyn said...

Wooooo-whooooo! Who else is in the class?
(Bring bubbles!)

Kristi said...

I really appreciate that you are teaching the class!! Kalli had a wonderful time :)