Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Something Stinks!

Something stinks in this house!

I start in the kitchen. It smells stronger when I open the fridge. It must be that week old potato salad. Or maybe, it's the tupperware of cauliflower. But can a smell get out of tupperware? I didn't think so, but it may be possible. In fact, I'll just throw out every questionable item. Then, out with the trash. I clean and disinfect every inch of counter top and sweep the floor for good measure. I still smell it. Perhaps it is the garbage disposal. I run it, rinse it, and pour in baking soda just in case.

I walk into the living room. Now I think the smell is in here. Nate, are you poopy? No. Lucas? No. Has something crawled under the couch and died? (Quick look under couches. No dead animals.)

Back to the kitchen. I do think the smell is in the kitchen. But, it's also strong in the living room. Come to think of it, the bedroom also has the odor. Is it the diaper pail in there? But it's really more of a rotten food smell than dirty diaper smell.

I spray Oust throughout entire downstairs area. It masks the odor for a few minutes. The odor is back. I really don't think it's me. I mean, I do sweat and I've been known to become less than dainty on occasion in both odor and appearance. But I just showered yesterday afternoon and haven't participated in anything strenuous or out of the ordinary. Although, the way this smell seems to be everywhere with me, I am starting to wonder if it is the inside of my nose I am smelling. Oh I hope not, because it is seriously foul!

I pride myself on being an expert "smell detective." One has to be with three little kids. I can usually pinpoint the source of an offending odor within minutes. From sour milk in a sippy cup under the bed to a small spot of urine on the carpet. I find it, clean it, and move on. This smell today has me stumped though, and it's unsettling. Am I losing my touch? Will I ever figure this out? (If not, then we have to move. It's that bad! And I really don't like packing boxes.)

Maybe I've already taken care of the source, and it's just taking the smell some time to fade. (Please please let that be it.) Or maybe I'm just over-sensitive today and although a dog might lift an eyebrow in interest, no normal person would even notice this smell. (This would probably be Cody's guess...)

I'm going to light a scented candle and keep my fingers crossed.


Quad Squad! said...

I sincerely hope that the smell goes away soon or you find the source and can rid your house of it. Otherwise, nose plugs?

Stephanie said...

I hope you find it or it goes away too! That is crummy! My garage was stinking this morning because I had left a bag of trash in there overnight. I really shouldn't do that. Can't wait to go home and smell it again!

Brooke said...

Since I am pregnant, I am aware of every smell in whatever building I am in. It is so weird how cranked up your nose becomes! I went about a week thinking that I smelled like sour milk. I would take long showers and really apply my deoderant just to feel like I still smell like sour milk. It was horrible. I hope you find your source. (I know you would probably faint if you thought that maybe you were pregnant and had the pregnancy nose!) Good luck!

Heather said...

Did you find it? You will definitely have to let us know what it is when you do!!

Dara said...

Oh no! That would drive me absolutely bonkers! I am super sensitive to smells... (it was really horrible while pregnant!) I sure hope you can find it soon!

Under appliances in the kitchen, maybe some sort of spill? Did you empty the fridge, scrub it and put back any non-offending items?

Let us know what it is if you find it!!! GOOD LUCK!!!!

Lynn said...

This happened to Steve and I when we first got married. I remember sitting on the couch and thinking he had really bad body odor. The next night I said to him "honey, I think you need some new deoderant" He was quick to tell me it was not him that stunk and that he thought it was me. Come to find out it was a dead mouse behind the couch!
We still laugh about that today!
Hope you found your problem.

BJ W. said...

Honey, you're not alone. This happens to all of us ever so often and it drives me crazy 'til I find it. You may already know this but if not, just a little hint to take odors out of smelly Tupperware; wad up some newspaper, seal the bowl and leave overnight and it will take any smell out. Broccoli, lemons and soured milk are the worst smelling if gone bad in the frig, not to mention bacon. Happy hunting!