Friday, October 12, 2007

About My Man

I've been looking forward to answering these questions ever since I saw them on Brooke's blog.

Who is your man? Cody
How long have you been together? Married 9 1/2 years!
How long dated? 4 years
How old is your man? 32
Who eats more? It's pretty even, but he may eat a little bit more.
Who said "I love you" first? I did.
Who is taller? He is.
Who sings better? ME, but I was a vocal music major after all.
Who is smarter? He is way smarter in math and science, and I probably edge him out in
language and the arts.
Whose temper is worse? Mine. I have never seen Cody lose his temper. Not even once!
Who does the laundry? I do.
Who takes out the garbage? Cody usually does.
Who sleeps on the right side of the bed? I'm not sure. He sleeps on the side nearest the door,
so he can protect me, of course.
Who pays the bills? One of us will handle it for a long time, then we'll suddenly switch. He is
currently the bill-payer.
Who is better with the computer? Cody
Who mows the lawn? I have never mowed a lawn in my life. He does it.
Who cooks dinner? I do.
Who drives when you are together? He does.
Who pays when you go out? Whoever is not holding a child, wiping off faces, and packing up
the million things we had to bring with us in order to enjoy a meal at a restaurant.
Who is most stubborn? Wow. Tough. I am really stubborn, but I think he may be even more.
Who is the first to admit when they are wrong? We both do equally.
Whose parents do you see the most? Cody's. They live near by.
Who kissed who first? I kissed him in Hyde Park in London a couple months after we met.
But, he wasn't complaining.
Who asked who out? We just started hanging out and doing things together since we were both
on a study abroad program in London.
Who proposed? He did.
Who is more sensitive? I am way more sensitive. I can take it wrong if somebody just looks at
Who has more friends? I probably get to spend more time with my friends in person or on the
phone, but we both have close to the same amount.
Who has more siblings? Same. We both have one younger brother.
Who wears the pants in the family? I'm happy to defer to Cody, and he treats me like a queen.

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