Monday, October 1, 2007

If you are buying toys anyway....

then you could buy them from Constructive Playthings. It's a fund-raiser thing for Ava and Nate's preschool, but it is really simple.

Just place an order at between Oct 1 and Nov. 1.
Use the media code 350137
You will get FREE SHIPPING
and 15% of your total goes to the preschool.

They have some nice toys. I think I want to get this Stamp-A-Story set for Ava as a Christmas gift. She loves rubber stamps. Nate does too, come to think of it.


Elaine said...

you just made a little boy in Boise, ID veerrrry happy (or soon he will be when Aunt Elaine sends him nifty gifts for his b-day & Christmas). These toys look awesome and the free shipping is perfect (last year Owen's presents got lost in the mail :( ...)

Stephanie said...

Thanks for letting us know about this! I just bought Caleb a Christmas present too! And a froggie hooded towel. Too cute!