Wednesday, November 14, 2007


It seems like every time I turn my back for an instant, Lucas finds something on the floor and puts it in his mouth. Bits of paper, small leaves, pieces of carpet, and today...a caterpillar.
Yes, you read that right. Unfortunately.
I saw him smacking his mouth that certain way which is the universal baby sign for "there's something in my mouth that really should not be there." I swept my finger through the area and pulled out a soaking wet and very dead caterpillar. Lucas was apparently savoring the flavor, since it was relatively whole. As I shuddered with disgust, I realized that some countries would probably think this a delicacy. And then I shuddered some more. And I am shuddering now remembering this completely gross experience.


Supermom-In-Training said...

I love it! I know I will have to deal with this problem soon with JD. By the way, I had to eat one when I was over in Europe for an International Communications class that I took. It was pickled and very salty. This is all I remember. Escargot tasted very similar!


Lynn Leaming said...

Read another mom's blog yesterday whose child dropped the toilet roll holder in the toilet with urine and feces in the toilet and she had to get it out. What you mom's do for your children :)

Elaine said...

thanks for the laugh! (won't be so funny when I'm on the other end, I"m sure)

carrie said...

That is funny. I can remember Todd eating dog food. You would think they never get fed.