Saturday, February 14, 2009

Going Green(er)

I've been telling myself for months to get reusable bags. I do need a few plastic bags now and then since I use them to line small trash cans. But I have plastic bag overload, and I figure I should do my little part to help the environment. I am not sure why I kept putting this off since I see the bags for sale all over the place. I just never could commit to buying them. Then a couple of weeks ago I found the perfect reusable bags at Kohls. They are slightly more expensive than the $1 apiece bags I have seen everywhere...these are $1.99 per bag. But they are worth every extra cent. Look how neatly and compactly they fold! Oooooooh.
There's even a little snap to hold it together.
Then it opens up into a giant bag with nice long handles. I was able to put about 2-3 plastic bags worth of groceries at Target into one of these bags. It wasn't too hard to carry because the handles are so long. In fact, unloading the groceries is much easier using these bags than the 1,000 small plastic bags I used to bring home.


Jerry Watson said...

We use canvas bags, too. I hated those infernal plastic ones. Never knew what to do with them.

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Jenni said...

I bought several of the $1 ones at WalMart and they do very well.....I love that I can load sacks of flour and sugar + lots of other stuff into one and carry it easily on my shoulder!

Now remembering to always take them in.....that is another issue!

Lindsay said...

I just bought a bunch from Kroger and I love using them. I just need to get my husband to remember to use them and we will be all set. I told him if he kept forgetting he would be fired from the grocery run. So he remembered to use them today. Yes, he actually likes to get our groceries.

Elaine said...

woo hoo! love those bags! I'm collecting an assortment. I have some great ones from Trader Joe's (sad you Texans don't have them!)

I also endorse
These little guys roll up so tiny! I carry one in my purse and its so handy for those times you're just running in to grab a few things or shopping elsewhere, where you wouldn't think about bringing the grocery style bags. I love busting them out at the cashier.

hooray for green(er)!

Lynn Leaming said...

I bought five this past summer and am sad to say to date I have not remembered once to get them out of the trunk and use them. Really pathetic! I am always in the store when I remember and just won't walk back out to the car.

Dara said...

I do like the way these snap in a compact way for storage! I don't have any of these reusable bags yet. We always ask for paper and use them for our recycling bags. BUT, if we make a trip to Walmart, those plastic bags drive me crazy!

I may look into some of the snap closed kind! Great idea! Of course, I would actually have to use them and not let them collect dust in a closet!