Wednesday, June 24, 2009

A Bible for Princesses

It has been my pleasure to review God's Little Princess Devotional Bible by Sheila Walsh. Both I and my 6 year old daughter are in love with this book. In fact, I had to go get it out of her hands (and tell her to go to bed!) so I could look through it as I write this. There are so many things I like about this book geared toward 4-7 year old girls that I am resorting to a numerical list in hopes I won't overlook anything.
1. The main message proclaimed over and over within the pages of this book is "You are a dearly beloved princess of God." In this day and age of messages that make our girls feel too fat, too ugly, too unlovable, this truth of God's unfailing, unconditional love is desperately needed.
2. The book is comprised of different types of reading (Bible stories and quotes, plays for the girl and a parent to act out, moral dilemmas and teaching, "beauty" tips regarding inner beauty, songs and poems, memory verses, and activity suggestions to make stories more real or continue a moral lesson.) Ava enjoys each of these varied types of reading and I think it keeps the book from being monotonous or boring. She especially loves the beauty tips and plays.
3. The material presented in this devotional Bible is completely true to the Word of God. It all lines up with the Holy Scriptures. Of course, not every story from the Bible is in this book, but the ones chosen for inclusion cover a wide range of material from the Old through New Testament.
4. The Bible material is presented in a way that motivates girls to be more pure, kind, loving, considerate, etc. It is encouraging spiritual growth for these little girls while reassuring them of God's plan, purpose, and care for them. All on a level easy for them to understand.
I will say that this devotional Bible never approaches the concept of baptism. It does talk about asking God to fill you with his love, and about asking God to forgive and clean your heart. That would probably be my only criticism. But, I wouldn't let that stop me from getting this wonderful book for any little girl I know aged 4-7. I love that my daughter is reading about God on her own and thinking about how what she reads translates into action in her own life. That is my favorite part of this devotional Bible. It makes Scripture come to life for little girls on a level they can understand and incorporate.


Carol said...

Sounds great and I had not heard of it. Will be anxious for Ava to do some reading for me out of it.

Brandy said...

I'm teaching first grade this quarter on Sunday mornings and I noticed a little girl had this Bible. I flipped through it and thought it looked really neat. Wonder if there is a "You are a superhero when you choose to obey God" one for boys...

Dara said...

Oh how wonderful! Do you think it would be too young for Emma? I guess I could get it to use with both girls and see how it worked out. Ellie Beth will be 4 in January, so she will be in the age range soon.