Saturday, June 20, 2009

A Good Dinner

Let me tell you about a good dinner.  A really good dinner.  Cody and I enjoy treating ourselves to a fancy meal each year on our anniversary.  This year, after perusing online reviews and recommendations, we chose Chamberlain's.  Chamberlain's Steak and Chop House is consistently rated as one of the best restaurants in town.  Let me take you on a tour of our meal...

We started with the Kobe potstickers appetizer.  The potstickers themselves were so tasty and full of that tender Kobe beef, but what really wowed me was the Asian salad adorning the plate. Imagine a shredded assortment of cabbages, cilantro, onion, etc.  It was seasoned perfectly with ginger, soy, and other Asian flavors.  I let Cody have the last potsticker so I could have the rest of the salad. 

Cody ordered the bone-in ribeye (his favorite kind of steak) while I opted for the chef's special of the 8 oz. filet stuffed with spinach and goat cheese with three giant shrimp on the side.  Both meals came with garlic mashed potatoes, and we also ordered Asian style green beans and creamed corn.  The sides were good, nothing to write home about.  The steaks were deliciously tender.  The goat cheese in my steak was slightly overpowering, so I scraped some of it out. There was a red sauce on my plate for dipping the meat, and I loved it.  But the white sauce for dipping the shrimp was divine.  I don't know what was in it, but those shrimp were the best I had ever tasted.  The French shiraz I was sipping complimented my meal perfectly.  Cody had opted for an interesting and very refreshing "summertini" before the meal.  It was a mixture of pineapple juice, orange juice, and vodka that was so smooth and easy to drink.

Even though we were completely stuffed, we ordered the creme brulee for dessert.  I would just like to briefly mention that I was sitting in this extremely fancy restaurant when it dawned on me that the skirt I was wearing actually cost a dollar less than the creme brulee we had just ordered.  Hahahahahahaha.  You can read about that beautiful embroidered brown skirt in my last post.  The creme brulee was creamy, sweet, and a wonderful end to our fabulous dinner.

As we often do after a nice meal, we stopped by a book store on the way home to walk around and "work-off" that full feeling from dinner.  There is not much I enjoy more than a book store, so that was a nice way to end the evening for me.  I even picked up a few novels from the clearance section.  


Jenni said...

sounds positively divine.....I'm off to check our half of half this morning....thanks for the recommendation!!!

Rachel said...

Yum. I'm glad you guys had a great dinner date. Happy Anniversary!