Saturday, July 18, 2009


I love the Arboretum! Today was a beautiful day to spend there. We packed a picnic lunch and wagon.

The kids enjoyed looking at the koi pond while standing on the bridge.

I couldn't resist getting some photos of the kids on the same wall where their pictures were taken over a year ago. They've grown since then!

There are beautiful "Storybook adaptations" scattered around the park. Each tries to capture the essence of a famous book. I did not photograph all of them, not even close, but here are a few.


And there was the good old "Texas Town" in which my children love to play. They played here for a solid half hour while I read a book in the shade.

We enjoyed the day so much that we bought a family membership so we can return many times over the next year. It will be especially nice this fall and spring. Though it really wasn't that hot today.

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Carol said...

Love all the photos. Kids look like they had fun and glad it wasn't too hot. I have not seen those storybook sections there. Will have to meet you there sometime.