Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Indian Food

We now interrupt this account of our travels in Tennessee to brag on the fabulous Indian meal I cooked last night.

I have loved Indian food for years now. A good Indian buffet is one of my favorite treats. I had never attempted cooking Indian food for myself until I met a sweet Indian woman in my mom's group when Ava was a baby. She lived near us, and had us over for authentic Indian meals sometimes. I was so in awe of her cooking that she shared some recipes with me. There are several Indian markets just down the street, so buying the supplies is quite easy. Even most grocery stores carry the spices needed.

In the photo above we have chicken tikki masala, jasmine rice, okra, and gobi aloo (a potato/cauliflower dish.)

The chicken is super easy because I use a jarred sauce made by Patak's. There are plenty of jarred Indian sauces in the world foods isle at Kroger. The Gobi Aloo is just cubed potato and fresh cauliflower cooked with turmeric and other spices and garnished with cilantro. The rice is important. Don't just buy any rice. Shell out a few extra dollars for a good quality jasmine rice. It doesn't turn to mush. And the okra is my favorite recipe of all. Okra is the most under-appreciated vegetable. There are other ways to make it besides frying it! This Indian-style okra is so delicious, I think everyone should try it even if they think they don't like Indian food. The recipe is here on the BAD Girls Recipe Blog, so try it sometime!


Rachel said...

Yum! Thanks for sharing the okra recipe too.

Brandy said...

You can make that for me next time I'm there...looks delicious!