Saturday, October 31, 2009

Can't Believe It

I went to a 3 hour training session at the museum of art Friday. I'm leading a really cool art program called Go Can Gogh at Ava's school. The art museum trains presenters and supplies lesson plans for each grade level. The PTA provides the parent volunteers to present these fabulous art lessons to each class.

So I was in a room of about 50 parent volunteers receiving training for this program. First we learned about 4 different learning styles and how we are all different. Blah blah blah, since I am a teacher I know that kind of stuff already. But it was okay to get reminders about it.

Then, the lady presenting to our group taught the 2nd grade art lesson to us. She took on the role of "teacher" and asked us to be a class of second graders. Well, that right there ended any normality of the day. I was shocked as the adults around me proceeded to be obnoxious and make completely idiotic comments as newly christened "second graders." The presenter even asked us to not give her a hard time and to not be the mischievous second grader. Apparently, many chose to ignore that plea. I guess people were trying to be funny by making their ridiculous comments. And maybe some of it was funny, for about 5 seconds. Then, as several people in particular continued to make one stupid remark after another for the entire lesson, I found myself embarrassed for us as a group. And I wanted to shrink into the table, or knock some people upside the head. Some people are so clueless. I can't explain how annoying it was that these people kept acting immature, even though it was clear the presenter was tired of stopping the lecture to address the comments and the group as a whole was tiring of it as well. These were adults! Adults who must have thought they were a riot.

I really can't believe so many people are so clueless as to how ill-received their attempts at humor are. Honestly, real second graders are probably more mature and insightful than these supposed adults were.

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