Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Various cute things my kids have done lately:

Lucas wore a buttoned up, collared dress shirt for the first time Sunday. After Cody dressed him, Lucas ran into the kitchen to find me. He exclaimed in the sweetest, proudest voice, "Look Mama, I'm a daddy!"

Ava wrote me the following note and left it beside my bed a few weeks ago:

to: becey
From: your little friend
Re: When's the fair?
The flakes on my nose. icy cold. I don't care. When's the fair comeing? P.S. What ya doing at the party?

This morning she was standing at the sink getting ready for school while the boys and I played in their room nearby. She suddenly yelled, "What?" I told her I had not said anything. She said, "Why did you call AVA?" I told her I didn't call her name. She stood puzzled for a second then said, "Oh, I guess it was the voices in my head."

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Lauren C. said...

"I'm a daddy" - I love it!