Tuesday, December 29, 2009

New Toy

Cody surprised me with a new toy for Christmas. I was shocked to open a new Canon Rebel xsi digital camera. The thing has barely left my hands for any length of time. I've loved playing around with it, but I have no clue what I am doing yet. Anyone who knows anything about photography can tell I have no clue in the following photos. Anything that looks good is pure luck. But I hope to find out more about the settings with time.

The first thing I wanted to try with the camera was the fancy technique I love where the background is blurry. I ran into my in-laws' sun room to practice on some pretty pink flowers.
Then, I got out the incredible telephoto lens that Cody also gave me in order to take action shots of the kids riding their new bikes. I was far, far away when this close-up of Nate's face was taken.
Oooh, and look at my artistic framing of a blurry bike-riding Ava between the strong trees. Pure accident, but I like it.
I used the telephoto lens here also. Turns out it comes in handy for taking unsuspecting photos of a two year old who is determined not to get his picture taken. That mouth...those sweet little lips!
I followed the kids around today and either forced them to pose for me (see below)
..or tried to catch them doing their everyday ordinary activities (see below.)

I really wish I knew what I was doing. All too often I get blurry shots, pictures that seem to be tinted too orange-y, way too dark shots, or all of the above. I've tried reading about the camera, but it is information overload. Maybe I can sign up for a class soon. But I am not going to let lack of knowledge prevent me from taking zillions of pictures. With these adorable kids running around here, I can't help myself. I am really loving this new toy!


Carol said...

your pictures are awesome.....and to know that there are more to come in the weeks, months and years ahead is bliss!

Rachel said...

What a fun toy! I am so glad that you like it...and your pictures are great. Snap away...it's the best way to figure everything out! And if you can wade through it a little bit at a time, the camera's manual is a wealth of information that you should know about your camera.

Lauren C. said...

Love the pictures - you got some great shots!

Dara said...

Oh, this was a perfect gift for you! I know you will figure out how to take some fabulous photos... you already have some great ones!!! Enjoy!!!