Saturday, December 5, 2009


I was sitting there, watching the Alabama vs. Florida game when suddenly I saw the most terrible, wrong, creepy commercial from Kay Jewelers, of all companies. Whoever came up with this marketing idea should be out of a job. It's so bad, that I immediately came in here to look it up. All I had to do was type "Kay Jewelers commercial" into google and one of the first things that came up was "Kay Jewelers has decided to give us the creepiest commercial of all time for the holidays."
Click on the link, watch the awful commercial, and read the funny commentary that goes with it. It's worth your time.


Rachel said...

Casey and I both make fun of that commercial every time! To us, it's creepy AND incredibly cheesy. Even though we usually make fun of all the jewelry commercials...this one definitely is in the running for the worst!

Lauren C. said...

Agreed. One of the worst commercials ever. It's right up there with the rodents that Quiznos used to advertise their sandwiches:


belinda said...

but you were rooting for the Crimson Tide? ROLL TIDE!

Quad Squad! said...

Here I am reading your blog on the free wifi at the library where I'm supposed to be quiet! I'm struggling to contain my laughter over the commentary on the link. It is SUCH a creepy commercial, and cheesy too! Who really flings herself into a man's arms over lightning? And how convenient he just so happens to have JEWELRY to calm her. Stupid commercial!