Sunday, January 31, 2010

She's 7

She's beautiful inside and out.
And I hope that I am teaching her that it's that inside beauty that counts the most. My dream for Ava is that she would know the joy of a life lived with kindness, generosity, love, and selflessness. I want her to find all of her value in the fact that she was magnificently created by and belongs to God; never in what styles she wears, who her friends are, which boy might show her some attention, or what size jeans she can fit into. I want her to live life fully, without worry, embracing the present without longing for the past or future. I hope that she always searches for truth, persists through the most difficult trials, and loves with abandon.
She's already well on her way.

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Rachel said...

These are great wishes/aspirations for a child. Ava has a great start with parents like you and Cody. And I cannot believe she is 7!