Thursday, January 14, 2010


I had this surreal moment while driving Ava to ballet practice this week. Driving to and from ballet is beginning to be a hazard as odd things tend to happen, and, of course, there was the wreck that occurred a few months back. Anyway, I was driving along when suddenly a red balloon came floating into my lane. It was low to the ground, just drifting along. And the timing was perfect that I could not help but run over it and hit it directly with my right front tire. I heard it pop.

For some reason I took it to be a bad omen. How often do you run over and pop a mysterious red balloon? When I told the kids what had happened, Ava became terribly upset and demanded to know why I didn't stop and let it pass. I had to explain that I thought it might be better to run over the balloon than cause a 15 car pile-up.

I think I'm going to find a new route to ballet class. I already had to find a new route home because of this crazy traffic light issue I was having. One of the first lights I was coming across on the way home was at a busy intersection. I had to turn left, and it could only be done with a green left turn arrow. The problem was, sometimes it would refuse to give one. It would cycle through, skipping the green arrow, over and over while cars piled up in the left turn lanes. It wouldn't do it every time I came to the intersection. Just sometimes it would skip like 5 times leaving everyone who had gotten into the lane stranded. I waited there, 2 cars from the front of the line, for 20 minutes once. There was literally no opportunity to turn without the arrow. And people, when trapped in a lane, start to do crazy things that I won't even go into now. Let's just say I saw some interesting driving tactics and colorful personalities.

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