Wednesday, February 17, 2010


I've been feeling awful the past several days. It's only a cold, but it's one of the worst I've had in a long time. I'm blowing my nose every 5 seconds, which is doing wonders for that sensitive skin right above my lips. If I bend over even slightly, the sudden sinus pressure in my head is enough to almost make me lose consciousness, or at least wish I would so the pain can end. The first 2 days I was sneezing like a madwoman and trying to scratch my itchy red eyes right out of my face. And my body feels like it got run over by a semi truck.

All this talk about being sick has got me thinking about the worst sick times of my life. I'm trying to crown a "worst sickness of my life" but am having trouble narrowing it down. It could be the morning (all day) sickness that plagued my life to the point where I had to have medical intervention. It may have been the strep throat I had over Thanksgiving break in college one year. That had me planning to remove my throat by myself with no anesthesia.

Pretty much everyone has been at that "I can't take it anymore" limit when the sickness is so overwhelming that death really does seem like a nice option. I'm just glad that my illnesses have never lasted more than a day or two. Some people have to endure terrible illness for much longer. I don't even want to try and imagine that.

When have you been the sickest?


Rachel said...

I was hoping that you would be feeling better by today...I guess you were hoping the same thing! I think the sickest I have been would have to be "morning" sickness both times. I don't think anything else has lasted as long or been as violent. Sorry you are still feeling awful.

belinda said...

hope you're feeling better!

Lynn Leaming said...

if you have never tried a Neti Pot, they do wonders for that stuffed up head and nose!!