Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The Case of the Missing Shoes TIMES TWO!!

We've lost Nate's sneakers. They've been missing for about 4 days now. I searched all the usual hiding spots, but those shoes are nice and lost for now. This isn't too strange, since we often lose shoes here at home for days at a time. They always turn up eventually. Though it is a pain that I can't find them because I hate losing things. This is the first case of the missing shoes.

But wait, it doesn't end there. I have two cases of missing shoes! I somehow managed to lose the sneakers of my dear friend's child also! Now this takes talent, people. I made it seem like I was doing my friend a favor. I called her up and offered to take her son with us to the indoor bounce place so she could stay home and get some work done while her baby napped. Little did she know I would bring him home in socks, his precious shoes MIA. We were packing up to come home, and I couldn't find his shoes in any of the cubbies. I called my friend to ask what exactly the shoes looked like and she described them in perfect detail. If someone had called me to ask what shoes I had sent my child out in that day I would be scratching my head. But her perfect detail placed the nail in the coffin of "those shoes are 100% not here anymore." I don't know if someone swiped them on purpose or accident, but they were definitely gone.

I felt so sheepish carrying her son to my van and returning him to her without his shoes. I guess it could happen to anyone, but did it really have to happen to the child entrusted to my care for 2 hours?? Come on, shoe thieves, you're making me look bad here!

I guess the moral of the story is I have terrible luck when it comes to maintaining possession of shoes. So leave your child with me at your own risk. You may find yourself out buying new shoes the next day.

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