Monday, March 8, 2010

Zip Line

I took part in a fabulous church retreat with about 60 other women last weekend. It was at a relaxing, beautiful retreat center. We had many different speakers, each filled with grace and truth. Each touched my heart in a unique way. I had lots of fun and laughter with my girlfriends. I made some new friends. And I, being the adventure seeker that I am, did the zip line during my free time on Saturday.

When we first arrived, I admit my heart was beating a bit fast. That tower was awfully tall. I wanted to capture everyone's experience on film, so I marched down to find a good spot and got out my camera equipment. I figured I could photograph everyone else first then take my turn at the end. I had so much fun watching everyone else do the zip line! And after watching about 20 women do it, my nerves had melted away. In fact, I was thinking that zip line looked like a piece of cake.

That feeling completely evaporated about 5 seconds into my climb up the tower. A wild sense of fear that I barely knew I was capable of took over. My heart was pounding, and my breathing was shallow. Thankfully, I had my good friend Greta with me. Yea for my zip line buddy! She literally talked me through it.

Here we are sitting on the edge of the tower. I am scared out of my mind but determined to do this thing. I tell Greta to count to three.

She counts and we lean forward. I obviously hesitated...look how far ahead of me she is.
There is nothing like the feeling of falling away from the tower, moving so fast along this line, trusting that everything is hooked up as it should be, and screaming loudly.
Let me point out how awesome Greta and I are. Despite my terror, and with absolutely no planning, we manage to bring synchronization to the zip line.
We zoom past the landing area, then slowly move backward along the line. My friend Stephanie has been taking pictures of us, including this lovely shot which has motivated me to start exercising.
I'm glad I got the chance to experience something new like this. I'm glad I got to share it with friends.


Carol said...

Cody had told Don you did a zip line so I was wondering about it. Glad you had a good weekend and sounded like it was time well spent. You and Greta looked totally relaxed, like you do this everyday!

Carol said...

And thanks to Stephanie for documenting this for all to see! I want to know what the kids think of these pictures!

usual-daily-life said...

It seems to be interesting.

scdnkrd said...

BECKY! YOU did an outstanding job photographing the whole weekend! I am so thrilled you brought your new camera and took so many pics!!! Keep up the fantastic work !! AWESOME!!!! ANd you looked like a PRO on the ZIP LINE!!!