Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Sports Bra

I'm shopping around for a new running bra because the two I own are about 10 years old and, worse, 100% cotton. That was a bad idea since the cotton becomes soaked with sweat and then just sits there as tightly as possible against the skin for an hour or more. Who knows what I was thinking a decade ago when I bought those, but now I am ready for something better.

Shopping for a bra is never the most enjoyable experience, but I admit I am having fun with the names marketing firms have invented for their products. Here are a few I have seen just today online:

Stop the Show Sports Bra
Saucony Motion Sensor Bra
Nike Distance Airborne Bra
Moving Comfort brand bras
Sport High Impact Bra
Ready Set Race Sports Bra
and my favorite...
Shock Absorber Infinity Sports Bra

I haven't made any decisions about what to get yet, partly because the possibilities are overwhelming. I hate it when there are too many things to choose from. I just know I need something made out of a fast drying/wicking material. I have no idea what style is most comfortable. I'll accept suggestions if anyone has a sports bra they are really happy about.


Carol said...

well, BJ should have a tried and true suggestion!

Heather said...

I have a moving comfort sports bra that I love. I went to Run On (or any other running store would do) and they were very informative about which brand worked best for each body type. Once they steered me in the right direction, I would buy it where ever I could find a good deal. :)

Another good investment is Body Glide. It is a must! I would always use it in those areas where chafing easily occurs(including places where your bra or shorts rub). My favorite running "accessory"

All of your posts about running are really making me miss running and dread getting back into running shape after the baby gets here! Sounds like you are doing great!

Becky said...

Please let me know what you find out. I am also in a similar predicament.

belinda said...

exactly! that's why cotton socks and cotton panties are a bad idea.