Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Acting Out Bible Stories

Cody told me this last night, and it made me laugh and laugh...

Yesterday while he and Lucas were playing out in the backyard, Lucas suddenly said, "You be Goliath, and I'll be David, okay?" So Cody said that was fine, and immediately Lucas hurled a rock at him that hit him square in the forehead exactly as the story goes. As Cody overcame the shock (and the pain) he realized that Lucas had a handful of rocks and was preparing to throw another one.

Cody called a time-out on that action and let Lucas know that it is not okay to throw rocks at people. "But, you're Goliath and I'm David," he countered. In his mind, daddy had agreed to act this out and he was only doing his part.

And although this is a cute and funny story, let me just point out my son's incredible aim! That kid is a natural when it comes to batting and apparently pitching as well.


Lynn Leaming said...

thanks for the laugh! Sorry Cody!

The Powells said...

Oh my goodness - that gave me a GREAT laugh!!! So funny!