Wednesday, July 14, 2010

A Few Things Learned

I've been running regularly for about 3 1/2 months now and it occurred to me last night that the experience of running has revealed some things about myself. I might have figured these things out eventually without running, but that sport has quickly and easily illuminated some truths about me that I find interesting.

1. Negative thinking really does impact performance. Everyone knows this, but not everyone really knows it. I finally totally understand how giant the connection is between my thoughts and abilities. Over and over I have seen myself struggle because I was feeding myself negative thoughts. Negative thoughts are so easy for me to turn to while running. I tell myself I'm not getting any better, I'm weak, I can't do this, Why bother?...etc. Because I finally get this connection, I realize that it applies in all areas of my life. If I substitute those negative thoughts for positive ones I do so much better.

2. I'm not naturally a strong finisher. I never realized this about myself until running. It's the strangest thing. When I see my goal approaching (the finish line, the cross street I told myself I would run to, whatever the goal might be...) I feel the urge to quit before I can reach it even if I am so close! It seems like most people would receive a boost from realizing their goal is at hand. I get the opposite feeling. I'm not sure there's a quick fix for this besides just acknowledging it and working to improve in that area.

3. I don't give up. Continuing as a runner for 3 1/2 solid months hasn't been easy. I'm not naturally gifted at, nor do I especially enjoy, running. It's hard to find time to do it, and there are a million excuses I could use to put it off. But I have kept with it with extreme regularity.

4. I am more of a team player. I can force myself to go run alone, but I do much better running with others. My performance improves and I enjoy it more. I'm definitely a social runner. I think I work better with a team in most other areas of life also.

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