Tuesday, September 21, 2010


I went to a friend's jewelry party a couple of weeks ago. Early on in the presentation, the lady giving the spiel about the wares said that rule number one is "always, ALWAYS wear earrings." At that point, about 3 of my friends looked at me with a smirk because they all knew I don't wear earrings and haven't for a very long time.

I got my ears pierced at about age 13, and I wore earrings faithfully until sometime in college. I didn't know this could happen after years of wearing earrings, but the holes in my ears closed after about 2-4 years of not wearing them. I'm not sure when exactly it happened. I do recall wearing earrings at a couple of my friends' weddings and having difficulty getting them to go in. After that, I quit even trying and have not had an earring on in over a decade.

I'm not much of a jewelry person, so it hasn't bothered me that my ears are always naked. But for some reason after that party I kept thinking that I wanted to get them repierced. Then I got more and more excited about the idea until finally I dragged Lucas to the mall Monday morning to get it done. He got a sucker out of the jar of candy they must reserve for the younger clientele at Claire's. Meanwhile, I had to choose the studs that would grace my ears for the next six weeks. That's a long time. I finally settled on the smallest cubic zirconia in white gold. It was either that or my birthstone (yucky green), Hello Kitty (no thanks), a tiny plain ball (boring), or a bigger cubic zirconia (too much bling.)

It didn't hurt at all. Lucas sat licking his sucker as the lady marked my ears and told me horror stories about how walmart pierces ears. That discussion started because I told her Claire's was the only store I could think of that did ear piercing. She said walmart does it also, but she has to fix people's ears all the time who get it done there poorly. I personally would never go to walmart to get my ears pierced. That sounds almost as scary as letting a 13 year old neighbor go at it with a needle and ice.

I am thrilled with the way my new earrings look. I'm supposed to clean them 3 times a day (kind of demanding). After 6 weeks I'll be able to wear some other earrings. Hm, close to Christmas time if anyone is needing gift ideas for me. I own about 2 pairs of earrings total, so I'll be looking to increase my options for sure!


Krystal said...

I got my ears pierced for the first time at the age of 26. I did a lot of research before doing this and found a place called La Lobe in Preston Center. They used the old fashioned method of freezing your ear and using a needle, but it didn't hurt at all!The woman who did my ears has been doing it for 15+ years. I'd definitely recommend it.

Dara said...

Your earrings look lovely and just enhance the beauty that is already there!