Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Kids' Books

I got to read to Nate's Kindergarten class today during their library time. I brought a few of my favorite books from home. These are so great that I wanted to post about them in case anyone else is looking for super children's books.

I've read at school a couple of times, and I like to open with What a Wonderful World by Weiss and Thiele. The reason I start with it is because I sing it, and that always captures the kids' attention. It's a beautiful well-known song, and the illustrations are so colorful in this large hard cover book.

Today I took this classic that probably every parent owns. It's a touching story about how deeply parents love their kids, and what kid doesn't want to be reminded of that?

The Kindergartners had also read this one before. It's a cute rhyming book in the style of Dr. Suess.

Birds by Kevin Henkes is my personal favorite of this bunch. The book is absolutely clever and the illustrations stunning. I could read it a million times and never tire of it. The kids seemed to really enjoy this one, too.
Since I started with a "singing" book, I ended with one. Any book by Sandra Boynton is a must add to your child's library, and Pajama Time is one of our favorites. Kohls sold CDs a few years ago of Boynton stories turned into songs so that is how I knew the tune. This is a fun song to sing and it gets the kids bouncing along.
I'm always interested in quality children's books- any recommendations for me?


Heather said...

We read "Pajama Time" every single night before bed...Kenna LOVES it! She actually likes to 'read' it to us now... :)

Rachel said...

Ethan loves Pajama Time too.