Sunday, December 5, 2010

Best Teachers Ever

I am so humbled and overwhelmed this weekend by both Ava and Nate's teachers at school. I don't think what I am about to tell is believable in this day and age when everyone is so busy. If it had not happened to our family, I would hardly believe it myself.

Without me even inviting them, because I would certainly never expect this, both of their teachers took time to attend events for my kids this weekend. Ava's teacher had heard her talking about a musical she was going to be in, so she caught me and asked what time it was. She said if she got the chance she would come by and see it...and she did! It made Ava's night to see her teacher there watching her perform on a Saturday evening.

Nate told his teacher about his birthday party because he wanted to invite her. I told him teachers are busy on weekends and can't go to things like that, but she asked what time it was and told us she'd try to be there...and she came! Nate's face lit up with pure joy when she walked in and watched him bowl for an hour on a Sunday afternoon.

So, as you can imagine, I am just overwhelmed by the thoughtfulness of these ladies. I feel so blessed that my kids have a relationship with their teachers and feel so valued by them. The fact that they would take time out of their weekend to show attention to my children has made a huge impact on me. I am so grateful and inspired to be more selfless because of their example.


Carol said...

My thoughts exactly, Becky. I have been thinking about it a lot after last night, then today as well with Nate. What a blessing these 2 women are in their lives. They give so much of themselves outside the classroom. Really makes an impression on both the kids and parents!

Brooke said...

Aw! That's awesome! I attended a student's birthday party when I taught 3rd grade. I was never invited when I taught middle school. I wasn't loved as much when they're that age. ;)