Thursday, February 17, 2011


So I neglected to write anything about Lucas' recent birthday. I suppose he's used to that kind of thing, being the third child. (I'd like to report that according to my analysis, it is really the MIDDLE child that gets the short end of the stick. My first baby got to spend 2 years receiving attention uninterrupted by siblings. My last baby is getting 2 years basically to himself also while the other two attend school. It was that middle baby that always had to share Mama.)

Let me tell you about Lucas. I'm really glad he made it past age 2 because he is such a delight now. He used to challenge everything, assert his furious independence, and scream at the drop of a hat. He still screams (screeches) often but almost always with joy instead of defiance.

He's a charmer, a jokester, and a cuddler. He's sharp and has a great imagination. He is athletic, sweet-hearted, and I still think of him as a baby but he can't help that. Because he is my last child, it breaks my heart to see him start to lose the chubbiness from his arms and legs. I don't see how it's possible since he's practically a newborn, right?

I'm going to be totally un-humble now and say that all my kids have gotten tons of compliments from strangers over the years for their undeniable cuteness. But Lucas has probably gotten the most of all. It's because of the beautiful blond hair/big chocolate brown eyes combo he's got working for him. And it doesn't hurt that he has a grin with the perfect mix of mischievous and sweet.

So, even though I'm a bit late in posting this...Happy Birthday to a wonderful little boy.


Rachel said...

Yes, he is totally a cutie and I can't believe he had the audacity to turn 4!

The Powells said...

That is so sweet! Yes, his blonde hair/brown eye combo is super cute!

adriana said...

hey. i am from malaysia.. i totally love your simple blog.. ilove to read your blog.:)