Sunday, March 27, 2011

Surprise Within a Surprise

Remember how I said rumor has it folks run into Larry McMurtry from time to time while visiting Archer City? Well, it's a confirmed rumor. I know because I met him.
Cody put together a great surprise trip for us, but even he didn't know we'd be meeting Pulitzer Prize winning novelist and Academy Award winning screenplay writer Larry McMurtry.

We pulled into our quaint bed and breakfast, The Lonesome Dove Inn, around 8:30 PM Friday evening and as the owner led us up a large staircase to show us to our room we saw an older man standing in the doorway of the room across the hall from ours. We had just been explaining to the owner our main reason for visiting was to see the bookstores. She said, "Let me introduce you to the owner of those bookstores, Larry McMurtry." We shook hands with him and visited for a few minutes. He offered to go unlock the bookstores for us right then so we could look through them all night if we wanted. (We declined.)

We could not believe we had just met this celebrity and that he was sleeping across the hall from us in the bed and breakfast. We found out later that he always stays in that room of that B & B when he's in town for shorter visits. Even though he owns a large house in town, he doesn't open it up for just a night or two. Cody saw him the next morning walking to the hallway bathroom in his robe. The room he stays in doesn't even have a private bathroom but a shared one in the hallway. Here's a guy who doesn't have a celebrity mindset, huh?

When I went down to breakfast Saturday morning I noticed his Golden Globe and Oscar just sitting out on the mantle of this unassuming B & B. How many people get to have a close look at an Oscar statuette? It was so cool.

I know some people would love to meet a famous actor or model, but for me, meeting a famous author of McMurtry's caliber was more exciting than that. I still can't believe it happened.
What an amazing memory. In fact, this whole trip was just full of fun and special memories that I will always cherish.


The Powells said...

Oh my goodness! Cody did such a great job on your get away. That's so neat and perfect that you were able to meet Larry McMurtry!

Heather said...

How fun!! What a nice evening away!!!

Dara said...

What a fabulous get-away, Becky! How unique to actually get to meet Larry McMurtry as well. Amazing! What are the odds??? What fun memories... glad you were able to sneak off with your sweet hubby for some couple time!

Lindsay said...

AMAZING! Way to go Cody! I love how unique and special the trip was designed. Definitely crafted for his sweet and wonderful wife in mind. Precious! And what a bonus for both of you with Larry McMurtry.