Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Greedy King

Almost every week Ava has to write a story using her spelling words. I admit, some of them are better than others. The story she wrote this week, however, totally knocked my socks off. I LOVE it so much I had to share it! I put her spelling words in italics so you can see how she worked them in.

The Greedy King

A long time ago, when noble kings were as common as little pancakes, there lived a very, very greedy king. All he had to do was yell, and he got it. "Fetch me a lion!" "Open the door!" "Get me some bacon!" Orders were heard all day. One day, he declared "I want a pet! Male or female! Any kind will do!" "No!" cried one of his servants. "I am too tired!" The king gave him a stern look. The servant sighed. It was an order, and he would follow it. At sunrise, the servant came back with a baby tiny dog, no smaller than my finger. "I want a bigger pet!" the king said, and the servant got another one. At 6:00 he came back with a basic cat. "I want a fancy pet!" the king cried, so the servant fetched another one. Whew! It was hard to remember so much. But the servant went to the zoo. In the middle of the zoo was a tiger.

I'm almost sad she's out of spelling words because I want the story to continue. I'm fascinated by this greedy king and his obliging servant.

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