Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Simple Gift

Today is the last day for weekly clubs to meet at the kids' school. Nate has been in Spanish club and Ava in art. They both had a great time, and I wanted to make a small thank you gift for their teachers. You know, back in the day when I was a teacher, I led a weekly choir club on top of all my regular duties. Just adding one hour a week stretches what little time and resources teachers have, and not many people express thanks for that extra effort.

So I whipped up delicious orange cranberry scones, courtesy of the America's Test Kitchen Family Cookbook that I love so much. I placed them on a cheap but pretty ceramic plate (Kroger almost always has seasonal dishes at low prices.) I even found a paper doily to add a bit of extra oomph. I tied a recipe card for the scones, a Starbucks gift card, and a thank you note onto the plate with ribbon and voila! a gift was created.

Teacher appreciation week is coming up soon- first week of May at our school and probably similar everywhere else. I'm always looking for simple, pretty, and useful gift ideas for teachers. Maybe other parents are looking for ideas, too, so I wanted to share this one.


Rachel said...

I've just started thinking about what to do for Ethan's preschool teachers. It's good to have a teacher's perspective on this. I was also thinking about baking something, because who doesn't like baked treats?

The Powells said...

Thank you for posting this! Cute idea :)!

Carol said...

Very nice and I'm sure very much appreciated by the teachers. You are very creative in your gifting!