Monday, June 6, 2011


I love Henry's Homemade Ice Cream shop. They have the absolute BEST ice cream! But they make a terrible ice cream sundae. It's just...wrong. I would think the makers of such fabulous ice cream would have a better plan than this disaster pictured below.

First, they put about 2 inches of hot fudge in the bottom of a tall skinny cup. This insures you will not taste or delight in any hot fudge with your ice cream. In fact, you will only taste hot fudge at the very end when you scoop it up by the spoonful and eat it by itself. Then they pile on two delicious scoops of ice cream, in this case chocolate hibiscus and mango pecan. I know it was a strange combination, but it worked for me. On top of the ice cream, a 5 inch poof of whipped cream is added, then nuts and a few chopped cherries. Since you can't reach the ice cream when you begin, the first third of your sundae eating experience is whipped cream and cherries only. That is, however much of those two items you can grab with the spoon before they slide off the top of the ice cream to the table below. The top of this sundae is about as stable as the San Andreas fault.

I'm shocked at this pathetic sundae engineering. It would be so easy to change it. All they need is a different shaped cup to start with. Everyone knows horizontal, not vertical, is the way to go! Henry's Homemade Ice Cream is currently lobbying for an ice cream themed postage stamp. I think I'll lobby for an edible sundae.

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Anonymous said...

Can I just say, this is such a "Becky" sentiment? I told Brandy that, when I read this, I could totally hear you going off about the sundae. So funny! (By the way I agree...sundaes in tall, thin glasses should be outlawed) - Phillip