Saturday, October 29, 2011


Just finished my latest project. I used super soft baby yarn and a size j hook to create a soft baby cap. Then I made a crocheted flower using this handy video tutorial a friend sent:

The hat is too small for Lucas but I stretched it onto his head just to try to get a good photo of it. Thankfully I did have a sweet one year old over here today to test the hat on and confirm the circumference. Thanks for letting me borrow your baby, Rachel!


Carol said...

oh that is so cute! just the cutest hat ever and love the flower. you are in a crochet frenzy! would love to try this...would you give me a class? this picture of L is almost as cute as the one that Ava dressed him up in the brown and pink dress with the bows in his hair. my all time favorite. need to find that picture.

Rachel said...

The hat looks fantastic! How sweet of Lucas to model for you! And Logan was happy to help too!

belinda said...

Lucas will look back years from now and ask "Mommy, why did i have on this hat with a flower on it?"