Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The Right Jeans

I have never, not once, not one single time ever in my whole entire life, had a pair of jeans that I absolutely love. I've had jeans that are decent fitting, and some that I'd call comfortable, and plenty that were total disasters. Just once in my life, I would love to find that perfect pair of jeans. I'd even be willing to shell out big bucks for these mythical jeans...I say mythical because I am not quite sure they exist. I must have a weird body type. No jeans fit me right. I don't think I look exceptionally odd or unusual, but I am telling you, there is something difficult about my body when it comes to finding a good fit in jeans.

So last week I found this cool website called where they ask a ton of questions and try to match you up with the brands/styles of jeans that are most likely going to work for you. They ask all kinds of things about your body type (height, weight, shape), the goals you have for jeans (hide my muffin top, make my rear look smaller/bigger, etc), the styles you prefer (dark denim, straight leg, boot cut, etc) and then spit out a list of jeans in order of best to least matching.

It only takes about 5 minutes to fill out the questions, and I got a great looking list of jeans. One of the brands that popped up the most for me was Calvin Klein. They are reasonably priced, so I hope to go try some on soon and see if they indeed fit. Maybe I will finally have the perfect pair of jeans added to my Christmas list for this year. My fingers are crossed.

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belinda said...

not a problem for me - i hate jeans/denim. they're stiff and uncomfortable to me. and my husband reminds me they were invented for durability, outside WORK.