Thursday, October 13, 2011

Thrill Rides

Our family loves the fair. We tour the creative arts building, see a few shows, eat lots of junk, ride the ferris wheel, and this year for the first time ever we went on rides.

We usually avoid the midway like the plague. It's too crowded and crazy. But our kids are getting older and the rides were half price the day we were there so we figured, why not?

Ava and Nate were unsure about this spinning twister ride. They simultaneously wanted and didn't want to do it. Once I volunteered to ride also, Ava jumped aboard, though she did start crying before the ride began in a last minute panic. I talked her through it, and she ended up loving it. Nate had decided to ride last minute and was not seated near us. He did fine and had fun, too.

Lucas chose the tilt-a-whirl. He was all smiles before the ride began, but once that thing started to spin his face took on a look of sheer horror. After the initial shock, he started smiling again and enjoyed the rest of the ride.

It had been so long since I walked through the midway rides that I had forgotten how awful half of them are. Some of them seem more like torture devices to me. The kids' eyes were like saucers taking in the spinning, lurching, twisting, and looping. I can't believe I didn't see a single person throwing up. It's definitely not my kind of thing, (give me a quiet fireside, hot tea, and a book...) but it's fun to be in that energy-pulsing environment for a short time.

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