Sunday, December 18, 2011

My Turn

Time to confess: Baking and decorating sugar cookies with the kids is hard on me. I do enjoy watching them have fun as their creative little spirits dump mounds of sparkles and sprinkles in half-hazard ways onto misshapen messily-frosted cookies. But, inside I am thinking about how I would decorate the cookies. I dream of the ways I would like to place the frosting and designs just so. I imagine a plate of beautifully decorated cookies and how fun it would be to create them.

So this year, I finally got smart and made myself a batch of sugar cookies after the kids went to bed one night and decorated to my heart's content. I had a blast! And the recipe I used was delicious. I got it here at and the only thing I added was a bit of lemon zest. I also found a good buttercream frosting recipe here. These cookies tasted similar to the fabulous cookie bouquets Cody and I have received a couple of times.

Now, I can help the kids make their own sugar cookies sometime this week without even a twinge of jealousy or horror on my part. They can do whatever they want to the cookies they make, and I'll be fine with it. Go ahead and pour a tiny mountain of sprinkles in one spot, kids! Glob the frosting on in a smear! I had my turn and now you can have yours!

I think it's going to be very freeing for all of us.

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Rachel said...

I do the same thing. Every time we make cookies (to decorate) together, I always save a few for myself to decorate how I would like. It lets me get some creativity out and not worry at all about the mess Ethan is making with his. They both end up tasting really good, though.