Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Blankie Repair

Even though my littlest one is turning FIVE tomorrow (I can't believe it!) he is still attached to the soft security of his Blankie. That blankie has done a lot of hard work over the past 5 years. Cody's mom made 2 light weight receiving blankets for baby Lucas and though I wrapped him in both of them, the super soft blue gingham blankie became his favorite. He cuddled with it, slept with it, and grabbed it up whenever he felt hurt or afraid. It has been a soothing force in his life and it bears the scars of being well-used.

It's got blood stains from all the post-busted lip cuddling, a few holes, ragged edges, and more seriously it had recently come completely apart on opposite sides. Blankie had become a "tube of fabric" and something had to be done.

I placed the tube on the ironing board and smoothed it out. Then I cut off every edge, including the seams that were still intact, so I could work with clean edges. It helped to use a rotary cutter. It was fast and accurate.
I pinned the two freshly cut squares of fabric right sides together and sewed. I left a small opening, turned the fabric, and ironed the seams. Lucas was watching and asking questions the entire time. He wanted to make sure Blankie was doing okay. I sewed a cute wavy top stitch around the entire thing to finish it up. A little smaller, but good as new!

Lucas was thrilled! It only took about an hour total to repair Blankie, and I got to try out my new sewing machine in the process. I think the smile on his face says it all!


Jenni said...

great job Becky!

Rachel said...

Lucas is lucky he has a mama so skilled! Very lucky, indeed!