Sunday, April 29, 2012

3 Days?

I've been so very sick.  The kind of sick when day and night passes in a fog and you suddenly realize 3 days has gone by and you haven't left the house or hardly eaten.  I don't know why we have to be so sick in order to ever appreciate feeling "normal."  I found myself constantly longing to just feel normal and seriously doubting it would ever happen.  A few hours ago, I still couldn't even imagine myself ever running on a treadmill again, or cooking dinner, or putting on shoes.

It may take a few days before my weakness wears off, but finally, FINALLY, I am bordering on normal again and I am oozing thankfulness out of every pore.

Just in the nick of time because I've got important stuff to do like take Lucas to get his cast off tomorrow!

I have to mention that Cody has done an amazing job taking care of me... and the kids... and the house for the last few days.  He has had to do it all, and he juggled it well.  I was pretty demanding, too.  This was one of my wimpiest illnesses ever.  People, I was too wimpy to even yell his name when I needed something.  I called him.  I called him from the home phone by the bed to his cell phone.  I did this many, many times.

He has been a hero, and I can't thank him enough for helping me get through this rough illness.


Rachel said...

Oh, man! Sorry you've felt so bad. Good thing it was partially over the weekend so Cody could take care of you all! Hope your Monday is more normal!

Elaine Acosta said...

Yikes! That sounds really awful. Glad you had good caretakers. STay well!

belinda said...

hope you're feeling MUCH better!

Lindsay said...

I always call when I am sick also. When you are sick there is no strength to yell. Glad you are better. I am trying hard to not get sick right now.