Monday, May 7, 2012

Preschool Weapon Making

Lucas loves to play with the wood scraps, nails, and wood glue his teacher keeps in a special woodworking area of his classroom.  He usually creates little sculptures or vehicles.  But last week his teacher called me in to hand me this little creation so I could hurry and take it home before it injured anyone.

When I got it home, I didn't know what to do with it.  I kept thinking at least I'm current on my tetanus vaccine.  Those nails are on there tight.  This thing is an accident waiting to happen.  I could just see it getting stepped on, or thrown, or (less dangerous but still upsetting) dragged along the wooden flooring.  Cody and I briefly considered all the ways we might use it as an anti-theft contraption, then reluctantly threw it in the trash last night.

He hasn't asked about it yet.  I hope he won't notice it's gone.  It was a very interesting creation, but unfortunately not so practical for playing with around the house.

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