Thursday, June 7, 2012

Foreign Curtain Making 101

Cody was at a fabric store a few weekends ago...

Wait a minute, let me assure everyone that he is a manly man who happened to be buying some fabric to cover a wooden television cabinet he is working on for our room.

Ok, back to the story.  The fabric store was packed.  Suddenly a foreign woman came up to Cody and started asking questions about how to buy fabric.  I'm not sure why she chose the only man in a store bustling with women who were much more qualified to talk about fabric buying.

First he had to explain that the price was per yard, not for the entire bolt.  Then he had to explain that the price was really lower than what was listed because of certain sales that were currently going on.  After that, he had to explain what a yard was as compared to a meter which was the woman's measuring unit of choice.  It was a lengthy conversation, but he patiently answered her questions to her satisfaction.  Finally, after all this, she asked, "So how much do I need to make curtains for my windows?"


Unfortunately, he didn't have an answer for that.

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Lindsay said...

That is funny. Cody has always been such a sweet patient guy willing to help anyone. I love the last question. Post pics of your new cabinet.