Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Summer Snack Tip

We went to the pool yesterday and stayed for almost 3 hours.  The small granola bars I grabbed on the way out the door just weren't enough.  So today I bought a wide assortment of snack foods: pretzels, oreos, animal cookies, bunny grahams, and goldfish in order to make my own little snack bags.

For my first batch, I put pretzels, animal cookies, and an oreo into 12 separate baggies.  We can grab 3 and toss them into our bag on the way to the pool, zoo, or wherever this summer.  This saves me from having to think about what to take for snack.

It's easy and less expensive than buying those prepackaged snack foods at the store.  Plus, the kids can have a variety of things.

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