Monday, June 25, 2012

What a Weekend!

This weekend seemed to be packed with activity, and I am finally catching my breath.  One of the highlights was a fabulous day at the Ballpark Saturday afternoon.  Our good friends had the use of a suite for the game so the view was incredible.  The option of going inside for some AC was nice, too since it was a million degrees that day.  And the buffet spread was delicious.
But the best part was hanging out with great Jackie!  I like Jackie even though she is a curse on the Rangers.  They never win when she's at a game.  True to form, they got a beating Saturday.

Then on Sunday Ava and I got to attend a cool event.  I had received a flier in the mail about a month ago advertising some upcoming performances by the Bruce Wood Dance Company.  I have seen that company perform before and they are a favorite of mine.  So I bought tickets to the Sunday matinee and decided to take Ava along.  We dressed up, took a few pictures, and headed downtown.

Our seats were on the front row.  Ava thought that was pretty neat (so did I!)  The dances were predominately ballet style with some modern dance incorporated.  The first dance was a beautiful, artistic compliment to a Tchaikovsky concerto.  The second dance was a touching portrayal of the military (young boys saying goodbye to their loves, fighting, being wounded, helping each brought me to tears.)   The last dance was set to a Requiem and was almost a slow motion display of strength and intimacy.
Ava and I enjoyed our afternoon together so much.  I loved talking to her about her take on the dances. After the show we swung by Central Market to pick up some ingredients for a special dinner.  (Incidentally, I will never go to Central Market on a Saturday again, it was packed...)

Cody made some delicious fish tacos for us last night.  It was a perfect ending to a busy, fun weekend.


Rachel said...

Sounds fun! Love your dress too!

belinda said...

you & Ava look beautiful! these are special times for the two of you - ENJOY!