Thursday, August 23, 2012

Ava's Song

I haven't mentioned lately how blessed I am to have a daughter that is so creative, fun, sweet, and shockingly beautiful inside and out.

The girl loves to write.  (I wonder where she gets it...)  I'm always finding short stories scattered around the house in random notebooks.  She and her grandmother have been writing stories together via email for months.  They take turns adding a paragraph to the story, and the stories they write are really good.

Then last week she comes up to me wanting to sing her latest creation..."The 14 Days of Vacation" to the tune of "The 12 Days of Christmas."

Yes, she had written a little homage to our 2 week summer vacation.

"On the 14th day of vacation, my true love gave to me...
14 bubbling pots,
13 sneakers hiking,
12 elk and deer,
11 staring bison,
10 piney pine trees,
9 waterslides,
8 people in Colorado,
7 kids a'swimming,
6 soappapias,
5 hungry bears!
4 president's faces,
3 cool kids,
2 steamy geysers,
and a big pool in Glenwood Springs!"

The bubbling pots are in Yellowstone, just in case you aren't sure what those are.  And there really were 8 of us in Colorado when you add my brother's family and ours.  I loved her explanation to me about the bison...they do nothing but stand there and stare, mom.  She included most of the highlights of our trip.

Although it's cute written out, it's much cuter when hearing it delivered in song by Ava herself.  That is a treat I will cherish.

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