Thursday, August 2, 2012

The Olympics and Me

Not much makes me feel lazier than sitting on the couch watching the Olympics.  There are all those fit, athletic competitors in the best shape of their lives doing all kinds of amazing feats while I eat a bowl of ice cream and sit in one spot for 3 hours.

To make it even worse, Cody's cousin is staying with us for a few weeks, and every night he does an hour or hour and a half workout.  Meanwhile, I'm still eating my ice cream.  Banana pudding ice cream by Blue's really good.

So I decided to go do the treadmill at the gym a couple of nights instead of watching from the couch.  Thankfully my gym had tuned a few of it's televisions to the Games (they always have the most boring channels at my gym...I mean, they didn't even turn on the World Series back when that was going on, so I had worried they might leave it on C-SPAN instead of the Olympics.)

Anyway, I got going in my run and watched some great stuff.  The whole time I was watching I felt inspired like hey, look how hard they are working, and I only have to do a simple 3 mile run.  I've got it easy!  Except then a women's ping pong match came on and I couldn't really say that anymore.  I was definitely working harder physically than they were.  Ping Pong?  Give me a break.  At least it was interesting and didn't last too long.  Then fencing came on.  There's a sport I know nothing about.  I watched fencing for a solid 30 minutes and still don't understand it.  I felt like a moron because after watching an entire match, I still couldn't tell if the light going off on your side meant you got the point or lost the point.  In my defense, the score was tiny in the corner, the tv was not too close, and I was running, hello!

Then we got to the really good stuff.  Beach Volleyball.  I have to remind myself how tall that net is as I watch them jump effortlessly 80 or 90 times above it like it's nothing.  I have really enjoyed both beach and court volleyball in these Olympics.  And no, I'm not watching because of the skimpy outfits. It's getting a little annoying how they talk about that every time a women's beach volleyball match is about to begin.

After getting a couple of runs in this week, I started feeling better about my idle evenings on the couch. And, I'm feeling more prepared for the 5K I'm doing tomorrow night...on my birthday!  Yes, I'm spending my birthday evening doing a 5K, so I guess I'm not a total lazy slob.  I am so excited about this race tomorrow...the friends I am doing it with, the location, the theme, the accessories... yep, I said accessories!  You won't want to miss those pictures...coming soon!

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