Monday, October 22, 2012

BBQ Campout

Our family enjoyed the perfect weather this weekend on a camping trip with a dozen or so families from our church.  I think we've entered the "golden age" of camping.  Our kids go play and ride bikes with the other kids and we see them often enough to know they're safe.  Meanwhile we can read, laze around, visit with the other adults, or whip up scrumptious camping food.  I created a couple of delicious dishes, but Cody went all out and smoked 25 pounds of meat all day Saturday in his electric smoker.

That's a lot of meat, folks.  It filled the smoker to the brim.  It required two people cutting and carving for about 20 minutes to get it all served.  Thankfully, Matt (in red) is a BBQ pro and was able to bring a lot of supplies and offer valuable help serving the meat.  He and Cody made a great team.

The other families started to gather.  Everyone brought their own chairs, plates, drinks, forks...

and a side dish.  There were so many yummy sides and desserts to go with the smoked meat.

I was so thankful we could all get together for a big meal on Saturday night.  Ava started calling it the "Communion BBQ" which I think is an apt title.  I think we may have started a camping tradition.

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Brenda W. said...

YUM YUM!!! Our mouths are watering.