Friday, October 12, 2012

I Love CA: The Ocean

The Pacific Ocean is vastly different from the Gulf waters where we like to rent a beach house south of Galveston.  Despite being named "peaceful," it does not beckon to people with calm warm waves.  Instead, I practically hear it saying stay back!  I'm angry and cold.  If you try to wade into me I'm going to knock you down!  

I could stand and watch the ocean waves forever.  I'm not exaggerating much...just provide some food and a port-o-potty and I'd stay an entire day.  The endless crashing of the waters, the rolling waves in the distance and all draws me into a state of meditative bliss.  It was a given that we'd head over to the coast, a brief hour and a half drive through a pretty forest, at some point on our trip.

I thought I was at a safe distance, but those waves are tricky!  I felt like a child when I suddenly realized a larger wave had crashed and I was about to get drenched!  Cody was snapping pictures of me and laughing...

I was laughing, too.  I couldn't believe I had soaked my jeans up to my shins.  They were still damp many hours later.

I love the moment when a wave first starts to curl over on itself.

And I love the splash as it hits the beach.

I love the foam and bubbles.

I love the ocean.  It's so...big.  I'm in awe of its power, and the power of the One who created it.  I'm humbled by my smallness.  I'm thankful for beauty.

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