Saturday, January 5, 2013

Upward Basketball

Upward Basketball is a wonderful organization. I am so glad our boys have gotten to take part in it this Winter for their first basketball team experience.  The entire league is founded on the concepts of kindness, respect, growth, and teamwork all centered around a Spiritual theme.  The practices and games are flanked by prayer and devotionals.  The goals of the team are skill development and participation instead of winning.  And did I mention it is fun??  We had a blast this morning watching Nate and Lucas play their first games!

Nate with the coach pre-game.  Yep, Cody "Hoops" Campbell is the coach!

A defensive player by heart, Nate doesn't give anything away easy to the opposing team.

He gets some air on his jump shot!

The next hour brought Lucas' game.  He also played Big "D" for his team.

And he scored a few points.  Look at the focus!

I think his new nickname might be "Lightning Lefty"  He gets the ball down the court, baby!

And I am by no means the crazy mom on the sideline cheering her heart out and taking hundreds of pictures...oh wait, yes I am.

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Christina said...

What fun pictures! Brings me back to my "little dribblers" days. It's also nice that the boys get to do this with Cody. Cool!