Friday, April 12, 2013

Looking Back

Every now and then I look back through my blog at old posts made long ago and stumble upon things that make me smile.

There are things my kids have done and said that I had forgotten.  At the time I know I think I'll remember that forever, but just a few years later it has slipped away.  That's one of the reasons I am so glad I keep recording things here with words and pictures.

I had forgotten about the time Lucas grabbed a plastic octopus we had gotten in some kids' meal and used it as a pacifier.  That was so stinking cute!  (And resourceful...he has proven to be a very resourceful kid.)

Oh these little faces!  I still see that look on Nate's face these hasn't changed.  And Ava's hair was so curly!

And I stumble across stories and snippets of Ava's writing through the years that amaze me.  She was born with a talent for language and writing, there's just no denying it.  Here's something she wrote when she was 6:

The Story of How You Came to Me

it was a dark and stormy night when the tree's whisl and the moon howls.  I was camping in the wood's without you.  then something apeered.  it was shineing bright, and very nice.  it creeped tord me and said, "do not be afird."  it was you.  now and when you see your friend you can think about this story and how you came to me.  the end.

And then there's this great (unfinished) story she wrote when she was 8:

The Greedy King

A long time ago, when noble kings were as common as little pancakes, there lived a very, very greedy king. All he had to do was yell, and he got it. "Fetch me a lion!" "Open the door!" "Get me some bacon!" Orders were heard all day. One day, he declared "I want a pet! Male or female! Any kind will do!" "No!" cried one of his servants. "I am too tired!" The king gave him a stern look. The servant sighed. It was an order, and he would follow it. At sunrise, the servant came back with a baby tiny dog, no smaller than my finger. "I want a bigger pet!" the king said, and the servant got another one. At 6:00 he came back with a basic cat. "I want a fancy pet!" the king cried, so the servant fetched another one. Whew! It was hard to remember so much. But the servant went to the zoo. In the middle of the zoo was a tiger.

I really love looking back through the memorable moments I have shared with these precious kids of mine.  They bring such joy to life and make me so thankful to be their mom.

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