Saturday, May 18, 2013


Our church hosted a fun event last night called the "Hoedown Throwdown."  It was really well put together.  Everyone was asked to wear Western clothing so I picked up a couple of long sleeve shirts for the boys at the thrift shop.
Cowboy Cuties

I figure ad agencies might see this photo of the boys and start calling me wanting to use them in Wrangler and pick-up commercials.  Nate's look is classic.  And that hint of a smile on Lucas' face makes him look like a bit of a troublemaker.  Which, he is.

I even got into the spirit of things with my boots and hat.  I must admit, I like dressing this way.  Maybe I missed my calling on a ranch somewhere.

The party was rockin'!  We did a ton of line dancing.  Ava and I were exhausted from dancing so much.  Good thing we could take a break and refuel at the super cool S'mores Station.  I have never seen anything like this before.  Propane fires lined the top of a giant table filled with marshmallows, chocolate bars and graham crackers.  Everything was ready to grab and eat.

The other hit of the evening was the mechanical bull.  All the kids rode it over and over, to the point of being sore today.  Nate was the champ.  He could stay on for a long time.

There was also some fabulous BBQ which I ate way too much of and some cute games and photo ops.

That was one of the most fun events we've ever attended.  The kids really had a blast.  I was impressed with the planning and energy that went into creating such a high quality evening for young families.

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Dara said...

How fun!!! Love all the pics! Fun being able to catch a glimpse of the sweet Campbell family!