Monday, July 22, 2013

Big Opportunity!!!

Today and today only there is a huge opportunity for your generous gift to His Chase to be maximized in a big way.

Let me back up just a bit.

This is Gasaza, and I love him.  I feel like he's my child even though I didn't birth him and he lives 10,000 miles away.  I met him in March on a trip to Rwanda with His Chase.

Gasaza isn't alone, though.  He and hundreds of fellow orphans are forming a relationship with His Chase and learning that someone does care about them and their future.  Mark and Chelsea Jacobs didn't know what they were getting into, I bet, when they started this organization.  It has grown and blessed the lives of so many children in powerful ways.

It's really quite simple.  American sponsors pay for top-notch boarding school educations and help cover the basic needs of the least of the least in an impoverished country that has been healing from enormous emotional and physical genocide wounds.  These kids form relationships with their sponsors who encourage them and demonstrate God's love for them in real, physical ways.  For the first time, they have hope.

Most of the children are sponsored (there are a few spots still open...) but there are still tremendous financial needs.  It will cost $100 above and beyond the financial commitment sponsors have made per each child in order to send them to a Bible/English camp during a break in boarding school.  Some kids have medical needs.  There are a few older kids who excelled at school and are ready to enter University with honors!  Several thousand dollars are needed to give them that opportunity to study a career and take their place as leaders in their country.

Every penny donated goes directly to helping kids...there are no overhead costs for the His Chase organization because their board of directors covers those.

And today, only today, every penny donated to His Chase will be matched by an anonymous donor.
Your gift will be doubled!

It's a worthy cause that I believe in whole-heartedly.  Please consider donating any amount...even a dollar.

Donate here.  Select "Orphan Education Fund" from the list of choices, although if you accidentally donate to a different category (as I did, oops.) it will still count.

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