Thursday, July 4, 2013


They fight like cats and dogs.

Seriously, it's like there's a magnet within each of them that constantly draws them together.  They can't avoid touching.  They look like puppies rolling around in the floor.  They hit, claw, push, and tackle.  It almost always ends up with someone crying.  In fact, as I am typing this I heard a playful fight turn into Lucas' wailing from their room.  His head got slammed against the dresser.  Don't worry- Cody's on it.

Lucas follows Nate everywhere which annoys Nate to no end, so he claims.  Secretly, he likes being looked up to and admired.

But every once and a while...something sweet happens to remind me they really love each other.

Between all the tattling, crying, hitting, blaming, competing...a ray of sunshine bursts through to let me know all is well.  Last night, the boys camped out in a tent in the yard.  Before they headed out, Lucas packed a backpack with his beloved blankie and a bottle of bubbles.  As one can imagine, things went horribly wrong and I ended up washing a blankie and backpack last night at 9 PM.  Lucas was devastated.  He hates to sleep without blankie.

When the boys came in this morning at 6:30 after their big night outside I noticed Nate's pillowcase was missing.  Turns out he had taken it off and given it to Lucas to use as a blankie sometime during the night.

Our siblings are our longest lasting relationships.  Long after I'm gone, these two will be there, still looking out for each other.  And that makes me smile.

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